Black Women's Tote Bag With Front Pocket

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Black Women's Tote Bag With Front Pocket
  • Ã la mode: This trendy handbag is one that is bound to attract appreciative glances. The bag has a height of 28.5cm, base width of 25cm, opening width of 41cm and a depth of 15cm
  • Unequalled brilliance: Made with top-notch materials and finesse, each detail is skilfully crafted
  • Abundant room: There's plenty of space in the belly of this bag to accommodate all of your stuff. Leave nothing behind
  • Organization enabled: With pockets on the inside for your smaller accessories and one on the front as well, this bag allows you to keep your things in an organized manner
  • Plushily carpeted compartment: The fabric that lines the interior of the bag is also of high-quality. Plain and cool