by Rebecca Carpenter

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How to Find the Perfect Handbags for Any Occasion

by Rebecca Carpenter

Fashion-conscious individuals from all walks of life know the importance of carrying handbags that match their personal style. At the same time, these accessories must also be functional enough to carry necessities around in a convenient and accessible manner. If you’re in need of a new bag and aren’t quite sure which style to choose, we’ve developed a helpful outline meant to lead you in the right direction.

Understand the Differences Between Styles

Although some people might refer to ...

Top Handbags Of 2021

by Rebecca Carpenter

Designer handbags are glorious but let's face it, if you’re not Carrie Bradshaw or you haven’t got a spare couple of grand lying around, they’re not always going to be obtainable. I’ve had a look at some of the top designer bags predicted to dominate the market in 2021, to see how they have influenced high street fashion and I've likened them to some of our own bags at Pretty Purchases.

Dior ...

When Is National Handbag Day?

by Rebecca Carpenter

National Handbag Day is traditionally held on the 10th of October every year. It celebrates the handbag and the joys it brings to so many people. We all love a good handbag especially ones that are beautiful, stylish, well-made and versatile. They come in a number of different styles including tote, crossbody, clutch, backpack, shoulder, top handle and satchels with every bag suiting a current need whether it be style or function.

National Handbag Day was believed to have been started in 2013 by Read more

Radley...A British Icon.

by Rebecca Carpenter

Founded in 1998 by Lowell Harder, the Radley brand soon became one of the most recognised and loved British manufacturers of handbags, purses and other accessories. Based in London, the brand has a number of stores and outlets in a number of locations across the uk and since 2007, they have also been successfully trading online.

Radley bags were designed to make a refreshing change to the typical handbags of navy and black that seemed to dominate the market at that time. These bags were very generic and slightly ...

How does Pretty Purchases ensure a reliable online service?

by Rebecca Carpenter

Part of running a successful online business is reliability of your website and services. Downtime can be extremely damaging to an online business in terms of sale and reputation and in the majority of cases most online retailers don't know their site is down until a customer emails or phones them.

There are a number of tools available to ensure your website stays live which can monitor server outage, speed checks, api endpoints, payment gateways, DNS reports and even how they work on different browsers. One of the most popular domain checkers is Read more

Amanda Wakeley OBE - Handbags For Fashion Lovers

by Rebecca Carpenter

I’ve recently started taking an interest in designer handbags and couldn’t help but notice that Amanda Wakeley keeps popping up everywhere I look. Having only heard of her as a clothes designer for the rich and famous, styling princess Diana and Kate Middleton to name a few, I am ashamed to say that I never realised what a wide and impressive range of accessories she also designs including bags, jewellery, scarves and sunglasses so I decided to do a little more research.

Amanda Wakeley is ...

Lucinda “Lulu” Guinness - Dare To Be Different

by Rebecca Carpenter

Like most women, I have an absolute love of accessories and adore using them to compliment my different looks, but shoes and bags in particular have always held a special place in my heart! These do not necessarily have to be designer branded, practical or comfortable, for me to like them, as long as they compliment my look. The expression “beauty is pain” has come to mind on so many occasions in my lifetime but it is a sacrifice I have been happy to make in the name of looking good, and I think that is something that the ...

Pretty Purchases New Website

by Rebecca Carpenter

Pretty Purchases are please to announce their new website as from January 2021. We are a new business based in Bridgend, Wales and offer a range of handbags, tote bags, crossbody bags, clutch bags and backpacks.

What defines a handbag?

by Rebecca Carpenter
what defines a handbag - handles on shoulder

A handbag is defined by a bag that is usually held by its handles or hanging from a single strap on the shoulder, these bags are typically used to carry your everyday items around with you. we have a wide range of styles and colours to choose from on Pretty Purchases.

What is a Tote Bag?

by Rebecca Carpenter
Large yellow tote bag

The Tote bag is a large stylish bag usually used for things like shopping. The tote bags classic versatility makes this style of bag functional as well as fashionable and can be used for a multitude of uses.


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